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Ensure the highest levels of success for both your company and its members with optimal integration within your organizational framework.

Bonfire sparks women leaders to build dynamic, effective workplaces. Over 150 companies and 4,000+ women have flourished from our proprietary curriculum, building work cultures where All Rise®.

Cohort members spend an estimated 10 hours per month completing Bonfire’s multi-disciplinary modules.

The Groundbreaker Package combines multiple elements:

All Rise® Training

The bedrock of the Bonfire program consists of monthly events (online) that bring together the entire cohort to deeply absorb skills-based training modules.

Small Groups

Carefully curated groups that allow cohort members to debrief content, practice new skills, and troubleshoot challenges they are currently facing in the workplace.

Kickoff & Onboarding

Our inaugural kickoff event engages your entire organization in understanding the essential importance of supporting women at work.

Custom Workshop

After the completion of the program, we offer a follow up, custom-designed workshop for your Bonfire alumnae. We extend an invitation to your senior and executive leadership to join us and connect at this event.

“I have observed undeniable positive change in our graduates – in their newly-reinforced skill and boldness to professionally deliver hard truths when asked the toughest of questions (i.e. the ability to carry truth without sacrificing compassion)”

Pete Twedell

Chief of Staff, Surefox North America Inc.

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