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Bonfire sparks women leaders to build dynamic, effective workplaces.

Bonfire’s leadership programs provide skills training for women in your company to:

Gain the authority to champion their ideas effectively​

Influence decision-makers

Amplify the value they bring to the organization

Through our three-pronged approach:


The Bonfire approach emphasizes the idea that to lead others successfully, individuals must first understand and develop themselves.


This phase concentrates on the application of leadership principles, equipping them with the skills and strategies to translate their inner growth into outward impact.


Building upon the self-development and interpersonal leadership skills, this phase emphasizes the strategic application of leadership principles to drive organizational transformation and societal impact.

Over 150 companies and 4,000+ women have flourished from our leadership programs, building work cultures where All Rise®.

Bonfire’s proprietary curriculum blends original content (60%) and curated content from thought leaders (40%) – developed and tested through Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


Sammi Grant

Voice, Speech, Dialect Coach/teacher

Suzanne Muchin

CEO & Co-Founder, Bonfire

Rachel Bellow

Co-Founder, Bonfire Career in philanthropy, venture capital and entrepreneurship


Chief Executive OfficerCareer in B2B SAAS tech, DE&I, and Team Dynamics

Oscar Trimboli

Author of how to listen, Deep Listening & Breakthroughs | Professional Speaker | Apple Award-Winning Podcast Host

Nicholas Pearce

Scholar, speaker, entrepreneur, and pastor

Kailei Carr

CEO of The Asbury Group

Noah Askin

Assistant Professor of Teaching Organization and Management at UC-Irvine

Bonfire women are brilliant, tenacious, and driven. They’re at the “rising star” phase in their careers, making pivotal decisions about their futures, driven by a growth mindset and a passion to magnify their impact on the world.

They defy labels and span all industries, but they share key qualities:

Lead with empathy

100% have learned tactics to become more influential leaders.

Decide with confidence

94% learned to make more effective decisions.

Communicate efficiently

97% feel equipped to manage difficult conversations.

Bonfire women profiles


Well-rounded leaders,  with a broad network. We help them broaden their horizons, gain perspective, and supercharge their network. 


Diligent team players with trusted networks. We empower them to own their careers, enhance their executive presence, and step out of their comfort zones. 


Creative, independent thinkers who may not thrive in teams. We foster self-awareness, cross-organizational collaboration, and meaningful relationships. 

Ignite your team's journey to success with Bonfire Women!

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