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We believe women are uniquely positioned to lead and drive positive change and progress in the workplace.

Our advantage

We not only foster success for today's workplace; we spur women leaders to build the workplace of tomorrow.

Women founded, led, and focused. Our company is rooted not only in decades of professional and academic expertise, but the lived experiences of working women and all that entails for women in the workplace.

We believe in women as drivers, not passengers – who hold each other accountable and support one another’s growth.

Ignite a Culture Where All Rise®. When women excel at work, they uplift the entire workplace. We’re here to make work better for everyone.


The Bonfire team is a diverse group of people with distinctly different backgrounds brought together with a passion of supporting women.


Program Manager Career in program development and management, customer relations and event facilitation.


Chief Operating Officer Career in education, operations, marketing and project management


Co-Founder Career in strategy, communication and entrepreneurship


Program Coordinator Career in healthcare, operations and administrative support


Head of Learning Career in education, learning experience design, and marketing


Head Coach
Career in Life Coaching, Human Resources and Business Operations


Co-Founder Career in philanthropy, venture capital and entrepreneurship


Senior Account Executive
B2B SaaS Sales, Business Development and Tech


Experience Curator Career in entertainment media, creative directing and consulting, and business artist development


Business Development Representative
Career in Business Development and Customer Service


Chief Commercial Officer
Career in Advertising, Design, UX, Strategic and Engagement Planning
Odessa Jenkins


Chief Executive Officer
Career in B2B SAAS Tech, DE&I, and Team Dynamics


Head of Business Development Career in communications, organizational change management, and employee engagement


Digital Program Coordinator Career in communications, content marketing and education


Senior Manager, Client Success Career in sales support, project management and education

Answers to your burning questions:

Bonfire focuses intentionally on the mid-level woman as she represents a critical juncture where talent pipelines for women often falter. Seasoned in technical skills but seeking leadership paths, mid-level women are underserved yet prime for leadership training. 


Further, developing mid-level women has company-wide benefits including enhancing engagement, belonging, and ultimately, retention and satisfaction. Recognizing and investing in these women leaders inspires greater efforts, enriching a company culture where all rise.

Our workshop and keynote offerings are crafted to enhance and supplement our primary leadership programs, incorporating topics, insights, and skills pertinent to entire teams and workplaces.


See our full list of Workshop & Keynote topics and speakers for more information.

Our two leadership program offerings are designed to accommodate different learning styles and needs with both a synchronous and asynchronous delivery mode. 

Our flagship program, Signature, is a 5-month synchronous cohort model and allows participants to benefit from valuable, real-time partnership that complements the structured content. Alongside the course curriculum and on-the-job fieldwork, participants are engaged through small groups, manager engagement, and guided coaching.

Signature Express is a virtual, 10-week asynchronous cohort model and encourages self-directed learning and on-the-job fieldwork practice, fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership over the learning process.

Our leadership programs are designed for aspiring leaders on the verge of unlocking their transformative potential and poised for advancement into senior leadership roles. The majority of incoming Bonfire members hold manager to VP-level positions.


  • They possess a blend of ambition, strategic thinking, and a passion for making a positive impact. While they may not yet fully embody all the qualities of a seasoned leader, they demonstrate a clear potential to develop into one.
  • They are constantly seeking opportunities to expand their knowledge, refine their skills, and enhance their leadership capabilities.
  • Their ambition is not merely self-serving; it is fueled by a genuine desire to make a meaningful contribution to their organizations and the world around them.
  • These individuals are not intimidated by change; they embrace it as an opportunity for growth and innovation.
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