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Bonfire accelerates talent development to accelerate business.

Exceptional results start within. Our Signature and Signature Express leadership development programs prioritize individual growth to fuel team success.


Bonfire takes the unique focus that to lead others successfully, individuals must first understand and develop themselves.



This phase concentrates on equipping participants with the skills and strategies to translate their inner growth into outward impact.



This phase emphasizes the strategic application of leadership principles to drive organizational transformation and societal impact.



Our flagship blended learning program with personalized guidance and support. Participants benefit from valuable, real-time partnership that complements structured content.

Signature Express

A flexible, self-paced alternative to our flagship program encouraging self-directed learning, fostering a sense of autonomy and ownership over the learning process.

We have a special package available for first time customers.

Our Groundbreaker package has introductory pricing and includes two custom workshops. Learn more.

Feature Comparison: Signature vs. Signature Express

Feature Signature Signature Express
Globally Accessible 24x7 Hosted Learning Center
Cohort-Based Learning
Moderated Discussion Forums
Gamification & Leaderboard
Live-Instruction (with guest appearances from faculty/guest faculty)
Small Group Worksessions
Direct Manager Outreach & Engagement
Office Hours, Small Group Support & Email Support with Signature Coaches
60-Day Post-Program Assessment
Real Time Networking
Real Time Peer Support
Direct Manager Outreach & Engagement

Ready to see what Bonfire can do for your organization?

Our clients attest to fortified talent pipelines, heightened engagement and boosted retention rates:




show up with more purpose and engagement

believe they can influence the future
of their companies

stand out with
more agency

Workshops & Keynotes

Our Bonfire community of educators & business leaders who shape our solutions with real-world experience are available to lead workshops and speaking engagements, sharing their expertise and inspiring others.

Learn more about Bonfire’s workshops and keynotes

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