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Tested, proven results for professional women and their employers.

Better leaders build stronger companies. Spark the Bonfire Women on your team.

Lead with empathy

100% have learned tactics to become more influential leaders.

Collaborate more

98% have improved their ability to collaborate and lead teams.

Decide with confidence

94% learned to make more effective decisions.

Communicate efficiently

97% feel equipped to manage difficult conversations.

Overall, our customers report stronger talent pipelines, improved engagement, and increased retention.

Our customers report

Stronger talent pipeline with more women poised for advancement while fresh recruits gravitate to attractive work culture.

Improved engagement through team success and shared company goals.

Increased retention through boosted morale and evident success pathways.


Propel emergent women leaders in your organization with Bonfire Signature.

Choose from three dynamic cohorts per year (Spring | Summer | Fall). Our Signature program spans six impactful months.

Fuel their growth through a holistic approach, blending virtual monthly events, small group collaboration, interactive digital classrooms, and exclusive content-related events.

Ready to rise?

Contact us today to learn more about our Groundbreaker Package, and reserve your spot.

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