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Empowering your mid-level women leaders paves the way for business success.

When women have equitable opportunities, they bring a wealth of talent, creativity, and leadership to the table, driving engagement, innovation and growth across all sectors.

Bonfire’s proprietary curriculum blends original content (60%) and curated content from thought leaders (40%) – developed and tested through Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Fuel the Growth of Mid-Level Leaders

Choose from in-depth Signature Programs or inspiring Workshops & Keynotes.

Bonfire Signature Programs

Workshops & Keynotes

Our flagship leadership training accelerators are  distinctive and highly acclaimed experiences designed to expedite their journey towards becoming a more valuable, effective leader poised to make a lasting impact.

Curated to seamlessly integrate and elevate the impact of our Signature Programs. Moreover, each workshop and keynote stands as a compelling standalone experience (for all audiences), providing your team with immediate, transformative insights.

Learn more about our Bonfire Signature programs for mid-level women on the rise

Learn more about our workshops and keynotes for everyone in the workplace

Over 150 companies and 4,000+ women have flourished from our leadership programs, building work cultures where All Rise®.

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